11 May, 2008


K was sucking me last night.

It was quite late, long after midnight.
We went to bed this late, because we had friends visiting us for a BBQ.
The weather is excellent over here. Lots of sun, 25 degrees.
The region we are living in, even was the warmest in the whole of Europe.
Something that never happens!
The weather over here is notorious for rain and clouds...

Anyway, it was late and we started fooling around a bit but we both were not completely in the mood.

Of course I started losing my erection after some time, a combined effect of me not really being in the mood and sensing that k wasn't either.
She did a good job, though, deep throating as good as she could.
But something was missing.


K stopped and rolled away on her side of the bed.

When I asked what happened, she said that her mind easily wandered off to other things.

'I did get the chance to wander off'
That's what she said.

It triggerd me.
This one remark triggered me and I told her to turn on her back and start pinching her nipples. Pulling them hard.
I could see that she was instantly turned on.
After some time I ordered her to start fingering herself and I grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth.

It was different. Very different.
When we both came, it was very, very good.

A good lesson learned.
I will not let her mind wander off again.

29 April, 2008

Still there

It has been some time I posted here. Not because I have a major fit of writing block, just a little one...

Things are progressing in my life. In our life.
K and I are getting closer.
And than we are moving away from each other, again.
Back and forth.
You probably recognise it.

I have added some extra play, handcuffs, flogger, butt plug.

And what do you think?
How does she feel about all of these very new things to her?

Very aroused, wanting more.
And very vulnerable too.

So yes, we are growing into a new understanding.

And guess what?
I will keep track on these pages!

15 April, 2008


We all have our kinky side!

Tango sensual

Last night k and I danced a small tango of dominance and submission.
Taking one step - another one - retiring a bit - making a turn - than dancing in another direction...

When we talked about it later, she told me that now and then, she felt like missing me strongly leading the dance. And leading it completely.

I do not know if I stopped leading at certain twists and turns.
I probably did.
Of course there are reasons for this. (Aren't there always reasons...)

I did observe k very closely last night and I also quite often assessed if things were still going right.

You should know that I handcuffed k for the first time and used a brandnew flogger. Very new!
I also gave her the sweet treatment of adjustable nipple clamps. (She really loves these gems)
I did not know how she would react to the flogging.
So I was careful.

And I wonder.
Maybe I was too careful and maybe I shouldn't.
And lead the dance.


28 March, 2008


Greed:Very High
Lust:Very High
Pride:Very High

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

I stumbled upon this in some other blog. Funny!

24 March, 2008


Will you put the clamps on, please?
Will you?

Talk about a major change!
Last night, k asked herself to feel a couple of clamps biting on her nipples.

Being a good sport, and a real gentleman, I obliged...

Two happy partners in crime, what could one ask more for.


17 March, 2008


When you read other peoples expreriences in D/s or BDSM, you often read about strong emotions. Good ones and bad ones.
But often extremely strong an very deep.

After our last experience that I described in the previous post k and I talked about what happened, how it went and about the feelings involved.

K is a very sensatory woman, very intuitive and she can easily phrase her feelings.

I sensed you were hesitating at a certain moment and i did not want you to.
It even threatened the experience a bit and it confused me.

And she is right.
I did hesitate because it all is very new, I was not sure if I din't tie the rope to much, I was not sure if I coould leave these clothespins much longer etc.
(In the end these pins were the biggest turn on for k.)

Then something special happend. And maybe I am not telling exactly how it went, but the dynamic of the conversation is important to me.

K said that this hesitation, knowing now what it originated from, touched her deeply.

And I think this is the basic dynamic between D and s.
Whatever happens, whatever is done to her is always done with care.
Even if it is intended to hurt, it is done with care.

I learned a lot, last weekend.

I really did.